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Battle to Keep Faith in "Soul Surfer"

The battle to keep Faith in "Soul Surfer" about the young surfing phenom who lost her arm to a Tiger shark and resumed surfing through her Faith.  The battle with the studios was considerable.   Free Speech is championed - as long as you agree with them.   Check out the article  and the Trailer

"Soul Surfer' opens after Fights over Depicting Faith"



Check out this Go Pro HD Camera and the videos that were shot on it.  Some amazing footage on surfing, skydiving, car and motorcycle racing and more.  The guys are $299 for HD and can be helmet or object (i.e., car, surfboard, bike, ) mounted. Here's a snowboard movie.  Search on YouTube for more samples.


Faith Based Film "Shysters" Biblical Quotes Wanted on PRIDE

My script "Shysters" - a Faith based film - has several modest passages with Biblical references and wisdom.   The film is "Neil Simon meets the Seven Deadly Sins".  I am looking for some quotes on the Seven Deadly Sins and what the quote personally means to you.

The First Quote and Comment is about "PRIDE".   Please reply on my Facebook "Shysters" Page.

Thank you for your participation.

Article on Big Hollywood: Digital Heyday

Check out my newest article on Big Hollywood:  "We Live in a Digital Heyday"

The Future of IPTV

The future of Internet protocol television can be seen in this preliminary introduction to an article.

Global total set top box shipments (including DTT, IPTV (News - Alert), Cable, and Satellite connections) are set to grow from around 177m in 2009 to over 207m in 2014. Global IPTV set top box shipments are expected to grow from 19.4m to 57.5m between 2009-14.

Global Connected TV shipments are set to see huge growth over the coming years, at a CAGR of 58.3% between 2009-14. The Asia-Pacific region is the driving force, with CAGR of over 60% and representing almost half of global shipments by 2014. Although still a small market, the Middle East and Africa will see the fastest growth over the period.


The full article from a research group costs $2875  so it's unlikely that any of us are  going to buy it. However the cost means that there are serious people willing to buy it in the competition will probably be fierce!



Nook converted to Android Pad for $200

In this article, "Move Over, Apple! My Tablet Cost $200",  a guy has bought a Nook color  and converted it through a hack to an android tablet. While this tablet does not have the robust features and 3G connectivity of an iPad,   this converted tablet will run quite a few android applications and can even run the Kindle reader from Amazon. While doing this conversion voids the warranty, fascinating element is that any people will consider hacking to get a tablet that fits in a pocket and is a third the price of an Ipad.

Warners Bros Renting Movies through Facebook

I saw this article on IMDB about the social network now getting into the streaming movie business.  Threat to Netflix?

A CNN article said that it would take 3 Facebook credits?   Is that a buck a credit?  Is it worth more than the declining dollar?

Who needs Facebook friends when you can watch movies? Warner Bros. has become the first movie studio to offer movie rentals through Facebook, offering Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" for viewing through the social network for the cost of 30 Facebook credits ($3 in the non-Mark Zuckerberg world). Starting

Android vs. Apple - Android Probable Winner

An article which delineates why the Android will ultimately crush the iPad due to the Android's open source, lower cost and inherent customizable versatility.   Android, in contrast to Apple's closed code house, is accessible to anyone for unique applications.

Steve Jobs Calls End Of the PC, We Call The End Of The Fat Margin Tablet – Including The Pretty iPad, With Proof!




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